3rd Annual Construction Defect, Claims & Litigation Strategies ExecuSummit  - December 4 & 5, 2018


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Lewis Brisbois offers legal practice in more than 40 specialties, and a multitude of sub-specialties. Our attorneys have broad knowledge, experience, and sensitivity to our clients’ unique needs. Through interaction among our practice groups, Lewis Brisbois provides a wide range of legal services to each client with a continuity of representation across multiple disciplines. We have built longstanding relationships with corporate and institutional clients based on our ability to provide comprehensive service on a national scale.


At Lewis Brisbois, diversity is an integral part of our firm culture and our daily life. We accomplish diversity not by committee or initiative, but through the honest and consistent practice of hiring the best people for the job and rewarding excellence. The success of these policies is reflected in the fact that Lewis Brisbois has repeatedly received national recognition for its commitment to embracing diversity. Lewis Brisbois is committed to hiring and retaining a diverse group of talented lawyers and staff, and demonstrates that commitment through non-discriminatory hiring, retention and promotion policies. The diversity of Lewis Brisbois' client base is matched by the diversity of our attorneys.


With offices from Los Angeles to New York and Seattle to Miami, our attorneys reflect the communities in which they live. Lewis Brisbois' culture has fostered a diverse group of professionals committed to promoting the best interests of our clients, our communities and the legal profession. We support diversity in communities across the nation through new and ongoing relationships with minority and women-owned businesses.


Lewis Brisbois is known for its commitment to principled advocacy, an unflinching work ethic, and unyielding recognition of our duty to provide the highest level of service to our clients, who choose us because we take the time to understand their business interests and internal culture. We have developed sophisticated proprietary risk evaluation and litigation management processes that many of our clients have incorporated into their business practices, and we help them manage and defend claims and litigation. As a result, they are avoiding and reducing losses that impact their bottom line.



Winget, Spadafora & Schwartzberg, LLP stands with our clients to confront the challenge of litigation and to develop creative solutions to their legal problems. We are proud that our clients include many of the leading insurance companies and financial institutions in the United States, together with numerous other businesses, non-profit organizations and professionals.

Above all, we embrace a resolute commitment to delivering optimal results in the most cost-effective manner possible, always mindful of the need to understand and accommodate each client’s unique priorities. Our deep bench of experienced attorneys is backed by dedicated support staff, leading-edge technology and a firm culture that prizes focus, incisive thinking and a hands-on approach at every level.

While our litigation attorneys have a distinguished record of success and inevitably are the public face of the firm, our expertise and capabilities extend far beyond the courtroom – into the real world and across the country. Whether a situation calls for regulatory insight, confidential negotiation, expert advice or no-holds-barred litigation, Winget, Spadafora & Schwartzberg, LLP is always prepared.

Effective litigators not only must possess exceptional writing, speaking and analytical abilities, they must pursue an overriding mastery of the facts and legal issues of every case, and proceed at all times with an unyielding will to win. Our attorneys personify these attributes as demonstrated by our consistently successful results in legal proceedings around the country.



Butler is a civil litigation firm. We are unique because our practice is devoted entirely to defense and insurance litigation. Our clients are corporations, insurance companies, and insured individuals. Our representation has taken us across the United States, to Canada, Mexico, Europe and the Caribbean. We aspire to provide the highest quality counsel while, at the same time, meeting the administrative demands of our institutional clients. After 35 years, our record speaks for itself.


At Butler, service, teamwork and principles are not mere words. They’re who we are and what we do. Service is what we bring to our clients, to one another, and to the community at large. Teamwork, too, describes the way we interact with one another. And our seven guiding principles define how we serve, and how we work together, 100% of the time.


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